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Providing quality programs and information relating to the subject of prospecting, rock hounding, and treasure hunting

New Show Releases:

Thank you for supporting Prospecting Channel® We are currently have two series playing here on Prospecting "Adventures in Prospecting" & "Mineral Expeditions". We release a new episode about every 90 days. At this time we have at least 40 episodes (and growing) available for viewing on the Programs Page. Most of these shows are FREE for viewing at least 365 days during the year at Prosecting All you need is a high-speed internet connection, a computer and some time to enjoy shows about prospecting for gold, treasure, and adventure. We are currently developing a Mobil Platform for Prospecting Channel Video to play on.

~Joey Wilson

Owner/Operator Prospecting Channel®

Broadcast Update: Select Adventures In Prospecting episodes are now broadcasted on CBS in the Northern California Valley on KHSL TV 12. The air time is 6:30 AM, Sundays. Available on the air, COX Cable, Direct TV and DISH NETWORK in the Northern California Valley Region.

Season 2 Releases: Season 2 of Adventures In Prospecting is here! We've got quite a line up available. With 12 episodes ready to watch on the Programs Page!

Season 3 Season 3 is now in production!

Mineral Expeditions with Tim Glidewell the NEW SERIES HAS ARRIVED TO PROSPECTING CHANNEL!!!! MINERAL EXPEDITIONS with Tim Glidewell has launched with 3 Episodes and is now up to 7. This show is for all you Rock Hounders out there as Tim takes a unique approach on exploring how and where to find a variety of Mineral Specimens. Check the Programs Page and start watching now.

Techncial Trouble Shooting:

Problem 1 : Video stops or stalls during play. Solution 1: Wait a few seconds for the video to "buffer". Buffering occurs while your computer is waiting for the information to stream and/or your computer is processing the information. Solution 2: Push pause on internet player and wait for video to "buffer". Sometimes your playback function on your internet player is moving faster than the rate your video is loading. You will see the load line on your player begin to "buffer" while your wait. This indicates that the video is loading. Press play after a few moments and your video should start playing again. Solution 3: Make sure you have a high speed internet connection and a computer with a newer processor.

Problem 2 : Video does not start to play when I push the play button. Solution 1: If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer there are some conflicts with the Adobe Flash Viewer that allows Prospecting Channel to play video on your computer. Instead of using Internet Explorer, download FireFox for your PC or Mac. It is free at this site: If you are using a MAC, Prospecting plays well with your Safari Browser.

History of Site:

I founded this site to continue providing prospecting related programming to people who enjoyed watching the shows I produced for The Outdoor Channel and GPAA. Those shows are: Prospecting America, Alaska Gold Expedition and LDMA shows. I also created this site because I love the adventure that seems to naturally coincide with prospecting. Filling this site up with prospecting information and creating prospecting related television shows should enable me to continue the adventures I seek and at the same time provide prospectors everywhere with these values.

~Joey Wilson


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